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If you’d like to share some kind words and smiles, please ask our front desk staff for a comment card at your next appointment. We’d love to hear about your experience!

“Fowler Orthodontics has not only changed my smile, but my life. I am so grateful to have such a dedicated staff to help me accomplish a beautiful smile. The entire staff is very kind and generous and it is obvious they enjoy their jobs. They are very serious about what they do and committed to showing others the proper techniques of dental care. I am very thankful for all of their hard work, for now I am not embarrassed to smile.”
— Maddie McAlister

“Dr. Fowler and his staff make a great team! Their constant kindness is refreshing! A trip to the doctor has never been more enjoyable! We love Fowler Orthodontics!”
— The Fletcher Family

“Fowler Orthodontics is the place to be! I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Fowler and his staff. We have been seeing him since my kids were quite young and they have always made my kids feel comfortable — from X-rays to procedures and appliances. My 8-year old son was EXCITED to get his braces on after he saw the fun colors! My kids ask me all the time when the next appointment is and what they get to do at the appointment. And they make the parents comfortable as well — I truly cannot recommend them enough!”
— Kim Dedmon

“I have two children who have had braces and dental work performed by Fowler Orthodontics and am pleased to say that I honestly don’t know how the experience could have gone better. From helping to schedule payments, to being flexible with appointment scheduling, to the warm and friendly staff, we have been more than satisfied. I highly recommend Fowler Orthodontics to other Williamson county families.”
— Stephen Bolt

“I love how respectfully Dr. Fowler talks to his patients. He doesn’t talk to the parent and simply let the child (patient) overhear. This respect does more than just put the child at ease, it assures them they are important!”
— Karen Darnell

“My son and I are both patients of Dr. Fowler’s. We love Dr. Fowler! He is always friendly and kind, and clearly cares about getting the best results for each patient. We look forward to him treating our daughter in the near future as well and would not hesitate to recommend him to others!”
— Lisa Neal

“Dr. Fowler is awesome! I have had braces for one year and Dr. Fowler and all his staff have been fantastic! I would highly recommend Dr. Fowler to everyone!”
- Jordon Barrette

“We are thrilled with the care we are receiving at Fowler Orthodontics! I highly recommend Dr. Fowler to anyone seeking orthodontic care. He is the best orthodontist in the Franklin/Nashville area, hands down. Dr. Fowler has the knowledge and expertise to provide orthodontic treatment that is appropriate and effective. He is kind, friendly, and very professional. Dr. Fowler takes the time to talk with his patients and address any concerns and answer questions. The staff at Fowler Orthodontics is also wonderful! They always greet us with a smile and pleasant demeanor, and they are so cooperative in scheduling appointments. Thank you, Fowler Orthodontics!”
— Aileen Rose

“Before braces, I was embarrassed to show my teeth and smile in pictures and in public. With braces from Fowler Orthodontics, my confidence has improved and I’m much happier.”
— Madison Rogers

“Dear Dr. Fowler and Staff,
I wanted to let you know what a great job you have done with Emily and Justin. I really appreciate the warm and courteous environment you create. We have called with questions or problems and you have always helped us right away. They both have improved self-esteem and confidence with their improved smiles. We could not have asked for a better experience. Thank you for your continued care of my children’s beautiful smiles. Sincerely,”
— Kelli Wood 

“Dear Dr. Fowler,
“You took such good care of me, especially in regards to my wacky fears of losing my teeth. Thanks for your patience with me and your personal phone calls to reassure me that ‘no, you’re not going to lose your teeth.’ Best of all, my smile is just beautiful now because of your orthodontic expertise! I will recommend you to all my friends that have need of a good orthodontist. Thanks so much, Dr. Fowler and staff! Fondly,”
— Jamie Parolini

“I always share with others how happy we have been with Dr. Fowler. He has a great way to motivate my kids with their braces, head gear, and retainers. They have seen such great results that they are willing to be compliant with their part of their new smiles. Dr. Fowler always seems so happy to see my kids and has been interested in our lives. He asks about our family and has taken a personal interest in caring for the needs we have had.
“The monthly contests are a special treat for the kids when they visit the office. Our favorite one was gathering shoes for the needy. We made an extra trip to the office just for that.
“Lastly, I have been grateful that Dr. Fowler is willing to work with the cares and concerns my daughter has had. If something isn‘t fitting just right he is quick to make the needed adjustments. I am amazed at how my kids’ smiles have drastically changed. It has been so neat to see such great results with the braces and to be able to trust Dr. Fowler with his plan for our family’s smiles.”
— Cris Peters

“We are always greeted with hospitality by a friendly and professional staff, and never feel like our visit is rushed or crowded. It is a relaxing environment with nice decor and always clean, but we especially love our daughter’s new beautiful smile, thanks to Dr. Fowler’s expertise.
It is the one doctor’s appointment my children always look forward to!”
— Leslie Fort

“Dr. Fowler,
We wanted to let you know that we are so glad we chose you as Madeline and Henry’s orthodontist. We have found that you explain all options and recommendations thoroughly so that we can make informed decisions on all care. Because of that, we feel very comfortable and trust you fully in this process. This definitely puts Henry at ease, too. Also, the staff is always friendly and efficient! It really makes dealing with orthodontics much less stressful for all of us.
We recommend you whenever we can! Thanks,”
— Vicky and Mark Morgan

“We have had a great experience so far! Tyler has done very well with the appliance and has not complained even once. I was worried he would be uncomfortable, but I think doing it a little at a time really helps. Also, thanks for the coffee and help with scheduling the appointments and letting me drop Tyler off while I go to my office. The whole practice is very accommodating. I will definitely recommend you. And, Huston, Tyler’s little brother, will be there in a couple of years!”
Amy Tarter

“I have had the most wonderful experience at Fowler Orthodontics. As an adult patient who needed braces for the second time (since my adolescent years), I was very impressed with the way Dr. Fowler and his team worked with me to find the best solution to my orthodontic needs. Dr. Fowler and his team are caring, experienced, and always make going to their office a positive experience. I would highly recommend Fowler Orthodontics for all adults who need braces and are looking for a place where the care is focused on the patient.”
— Anne Washburn

“We have been so pleased with Fowler Orthodontics!  Sydney’s teeth look great and she always looks forward to her visits to your office. 
“Thank you, Dr. Fowler!”
— Jennifer Heifner

“I have two children in orthodontic treatment. Their needs are very different, yet one thing is consistent and that is the trust they both share in Dr. Fowler. He always takes time to talk them through what is going on and he is very personable, thus making them at ease. I always wonder how he remembers the personal things and I appreciate that. Thanks to the entire staff who are always warm and friendly.
“You are only as good as your team, and you have a fantastic team! Sincerely,”
— The Davis Crew: Mandi, Mason, and Maddy

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"We have found that you explain all options and recommendations thoroughly so that we can make informed decisions on all care… It really makes dealing with orthodontics much less stressful for all of us."- Vicky & Mark M.

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"I love how respectfully Dr. Fowler talks to his patients. He doesn't talk to the parent and simply let the child (patient) overhear... it assures them they are important!"- Karen D.

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"Dr. Fowler and his staff make a great team! Their constant kindness is refreshing! A trip to the doctor has never been more enjoyable! We love Fowler Orthodontics!"- The Fletcher Family

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"Dr. Fowler and his staff are great. Always pleasant to talk to and works with your schedule for appointments."- Tanya H.

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